Property Selling Process Singapore

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A Stress-Free Property Selling Process

ExecutiveCondominiumSingapore Property Selling ProcessTo make things easier for all home sellers, we have created a comprehensive Seller Checklist that you should go through before selling your house.

  • Check Your Eligibility To Sell & The Taxes Involved
    • Are you out of your property holding period? Is there any Seller’s Stamp Duty (SSD) involved?
  • Check How Much Your Property Is Worth
    • Get an indicative property valuation from the bank before you determine the selling price. Sell your house at the right or even higher price at the fastest possible time.
  • Check Your Outstanding Mortgage Loan & CPF Usage
    • To calculate the amount of sales proceeds (Cash & CPF) you will likely receive after selling your house. Prepare yourselves for the next purchase.
  • Plan Your Selling Completion Timeline
    • There are too many scenarios. We need to plan the timeline with extra care.
      • What are your housing options after the selling process is complete?
        • To rent a place for a few months;
        • To stay at your relative’s house temporary;
        • To move into your next house immediately (with/without renovation);
      • Do you need the sales proceeds from the existing property to pay for your next purchase?
        • Are you familiar with the Buying Completion Timeline?
  • Prepare Your House For Sale
    • Your property must grab the potential buyers’ attention within the first few seconds.
      • Professional photos and video taking is a must to have. It will showcase your house and layout in the right and efficient way.
      • A virtual tour allows potential buyers to view your property without physically being there. Only when your unit is shortlisted, they arrange for the actual physical viewing.
      • Have you thought of spruce up your unit, beautifying your house to its best presentation condition with the home staging? Selling your house at a better price at a faster pace is something you can expect.
  • Market Your House
    • Your property listing must be seen across all the marketing channels, i.e. in various property portals, agents’ networks, social media, newspapers, and many more.

Value Added Marketing Strategies

Our goal is to keep ourselves well equipped with the latest real estate trends and happenings. So that we can handle and serve all your real estate needs and requirements. You can entrust us, enjoy a hassle-free experience of selling your property with us. Please find out how we can help you sell your place.

ExecutiveCondominiumSingapore Property Value

Updated Bank valuation is a piece of valuable information that will help you determine the best selling price for your property.

We often see some home sellers set their selling price too low, which results in them being shortchanged. Or, they priced the selling price too high above the bank valuations and the rest of the competitors, which may deter away potential buyers and result in helping their neighbours to sell their property.

We not only get you one but a few bank valuation reports. We will also conduct and present to you a comparable market analysis. These can offer you different estimates and help you determine the right selling price, which can help you sell your property faster and at the best possible market price.

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