Heron Bay EC

At Heron Bay, Upper Serangoon View Singapore

District 19
Out of Central Region
Resale EC (6th-10th Yr)

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Completion/TOP Year


Total # of Units


Nearest MRT (<1000m)

Welcome To Heron Bay

Heron Bay EC Logo

Welcome to the world of Heron Bay – Resale Executive Condo in the North-East Region of Singapore.

Heron Bay is a beautiful development, 99 years leasehold started from 2012. The actual date of TOP was in 2015/10.

It was developed by the well-known property developer, Serangoon EC Pte Ltd (jointly developed by Ho Lee Group, Evia Real Estate Management, See Hup Seng & CNH Investment). They won the bid for the land on 6 March 2012, and it works out to about $610 per square foot per plot ratio. It comes with an excellent collection of 394 residential units, offers you the choice of 2, 3, 4, 5 bedrooms, dual-key units and penthouses. Heron Bay was launched in October 2012, selling price starting from $5xxk onwards.

The best way to find out more about this development, to familiarise yourselves with the actual condo location, is to arrange a viewing with us. The unique selling points, any upside potential, competitor market analysis, key features, finishes and floor plan layouts will be highlighted and presented to you for your consideration.

Heron Bay EC Project Details

A Brief Summary Of The Most Important Facts And Figures

Heron Bay Executive Condo Project Details
Developer Serangoon EC Pte Ltd
(Jointly Developed by Ho Lee Group, Evia Real Estate Management, See Hup Seng & CNH Investment)
Project Name Heron Bay
Tenure 99 years leasehold w.e.f. 2012
Location Heron Bay, Upper Serangoon View Singapore
Planning Area Hougang
District District 19
Site Area 12,392.2 sqm / 133,389 sqft
# of Blocks 6 Blocks
# of Floors 16 & 17 Storeys
# of Units 394 Residential Units
# of Car Park Lots 82 lots at the surface & 316 lots at the basement
TOP In (YYYY/MM) 2015/10
Unit Type Size (sqft) No. of Units
2 Bedroom 794 – 984 16
3 Bedroom 1,055 – 1,399 126
3 Bedroom Dual Key 1,259 – 1,620 61
4 Bedroom 1,306 – 1,644 78
4 Bedroom Dual Key 1,419 – 1,839 63
5 Bedroom / 5 Bedroom Dual Key 1,548 – 2,032 32
Penthouses (3 + 1) 1,969 – 1,975 4
Penthouses (3 + 1 Dual-Key) 2,307 4
Penthouses (4 + 1) 2,359 4
Penthouses (4 + 1 Dual-Key) 2,589 4
Penthouses (5 + 1 & 5 + 1 Dual-Key) 2,841 2
Total 394


Estimated Cost Breakdown
Site GFA (SQM) 43,372.7
Land Price ($m) 141.5
Est. Construction Cost ($m) 102.7
Est. Land Financing ($m) 9.9
Est. Professional / Legal / Taxes ($m) 20.8
Est. Marketing / Others ($m) 9.9
Estimated Total Cost ($m) 284.8
Estimated Breakeven ($PSF PPR) 610

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Heron Bay EC Location

Heron Bay, Upper Serangoon View Singapore

Heron Bay is located in District 19, in the Hougang of Singapore.

Let’s refer to the following maps (Street Directory Map, URA Master Plan Map and brochure Location Map), to explore the nearby amenities (within 1km).

Heron Bay EC Street Directory Map
Heron Bay EC Street Directory Map
Heron Bay EC URA Master Plan Map
Heron Bay EC URA Master Plan Map
Heron Bay EC Location Map
Heron Bay EC Location Map
Nearby Amenities

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Bus Stops (within 500m)
  • After Sengkang East Ave (64409) (196m Away)
    Services: 62, 136
  • Before Sengkang East Ave (64401) (215m Away)
    Services: 6N, 62, 136
  • Serangoon Secondary School (64069) (250m Away)
    Services: 62, 136
  • Opposite Serangoon Secondary School (64061) (257m Away)
    Services: 6N, 62, 136
MRTs / LRTs (within 1km)


  • Kangkar (840m Away)
Groceries (within 1km)
  • Giant (916m Away)
    Block 266 Compassvale Bow #01-02 (S) 540266
  • NTUC (995m Away)
    118 Rivervale Drive #01-08 (S) 540118
Childcare Centres (within 1km)
  • E-Bridge Pre-school Pte Ltd (674m Away)
    116A, Rivervale Drive, #01-08 (S) 541116
  • Mustard Seeds Learning Centre Pte Ltd (800m Away)
    8, St Xavier’s Lane (S) 535736
  • My First Skool (807m Away)
    101, Rivervale Walk, #01-40 (S) 540101
  • Little World Child Care and Development Centre Pte Ltd (834m Away)
    113, Rivervale Walk, #01-33 (S) 540113
  • Amar Kidz @ Hougang Pte Ltd (842m Away)
    406, Hougang Avenue 10, #01-1124 (S) 530406
  • Junior Playworld Child Care & Development Centre (867m Away)
    2 / 4, Jalan Lye Kwee (S) 537822
  • Blossom Educare Centre LLP (903m Away)
    7, Lorong Batawi (S) 536668
  • Star Learners @ Sengkang Pte Ltd (917m Away)
    266, Compassvale Bow, #01-04, Multi-Storey Car Park (S) 540266
Kindergartens (within 1km)
  • Nativity Church Kindergarten (670m Away)
    98, Hougang Avenue 8
  • PCF Punggol East Block 103-102 (702m Away)
    Block 103 Rivervale Walk #01-86
  • PCF Punggol South Block 452 (810m Away)
    Block 452, Hougang Avenue 10, #01-575
  • PCF Bedok Reservoir-Punggol Block 414-415 (826m Away)
    Block 414 Hougang Avenue 10 #01-1256
Schools (within 1km)
  • Serangoon Secondary School (234m Away)
    11 Upper Serangoon View (S) 534237
  • North Vista Secondary School (717m Away)
    11 Rivervale Link (S) 545081
  • CHIJ Our Lady of The Nativity (721m Away)
    1257 Upper Serangoon Road (S) 534793
  • Punggol Primary School (966m Away)
    61 Hougang Avenue 8 (S) 538787
  • Holy Innocents’ High School (992m Away)
    1191 Upper Serangoon Road (S) 534786
Lifestyle (within 1km)

Community Clubs

  • Punggol Park CC (793m Away)
    458 Hougang Avenue 10

National Parks

  • Punggol Park (569m Away)
    Junction of Hougang Avenue 8 and 10


Whether you're an investor looking for another great local residential property to invest in or you're thinking of settling your family down in one of Singapore's highly sought-after property type. We will get you your desire dream home!

Heron Bay EC Facilities & Site Plan

Specially Designed To Create Unique Experiences

The residents here will be able to enjoy a range of unrivalled private residence condo facilities and amenities exclusively for resident use.

Heron Bay EC Site Plan

Heron Bay EC Floor Plans

Well-Designed Units With Spacious And Optimized Layouts

Heron Bay EC is a home where style and functionality come together to create an exclusive residence that welcomes you home with luxury every day. The 394 residential units have been carefully thought out, complete with high-quality fittings and finishes. How to pick out the best from so many different layouts?

Choosing your preferred unit can prove to be a difficult decision. How to help you further zoom in and select the best suitable bedroom unit type that meets your desires and needs? We will soon prepare the floor plans here for your easy analysis.

Heron Bay EC Units For Sale

Regular Updates On The Price Guide For EC Units For Sale And Past Sale Transactions

The following are the summary of Heron Bay EC units for sale and past sale transactions. We will update it regularly, for your easy reference and monitoring!

For homebuyers or property investors looking for a good deal, we will work out a financial plan for you, bring you around and show you different executive condo options. For home sellers, are you thinking of selling your existing Heron Bay EC and upgrading for a better home for your loved ones? Let us work out a financial plan for you, go through with you every part of the home-selling process.

# of BRPrice S$SQFT$ PSFDate 

Updated as of 06/04/2021

EC Buyers:
We will show you the LATEST Updates of the units for sale (with the actual unit size and asking price of each listing). We can also arrange a physical viewing for you.

EC Sellers:
We focus on marketing all the executive condos in Singapore. Therefore, please give us a chance and engage our services. We will be able to market your house for MAXIMUM Exposure.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 9004 6396 now for the quickest reply.

DateTypeBlockLevelSQFTPrice (S$)PSF S$
2020/01Resale63 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,3891,280,000922
2019/05Resale61 Upper Serangoon View#08-1,2271,140,000929
2019/03Resale63 Upper Serangoon View#05-1,023920,000900
2018/09Resale53 Upper Serangoon View#07-1,023862,000843
2018/08Resale61 Upper Serangoon View#16-1,033960,000929
2017/02Resale57 Upper Serangoon View#12-1,388851,000613
2015/10Resale63 Upper Serangoon View#09-1,3891,203,000866
2014/06New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,3891,186,000854
2014/04New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#03-1,227954,900778
2014/03New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#04-1,033722,000699
2014/02New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#14-1,3891,182,000851
2014/02New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#06-1,281927,000724
2014/02New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#16-1,023854,900836
2013/11New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#04-1,227874,000712
2013/10New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#03-1,281887,000692
2013/10New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#02-1,356925,000682
2013/09New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#08-1,3891,009,000727
2013/08New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#17-2,5831,673,800648
2013/08New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#05-1,3891,056,000761
2013/08New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#02-1,259821,000652
2013/07New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#14-1,3891,033,000744
2013/07New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#02-1,259867,000688
2013/07New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#14-1,5071,138,000755
2013/06New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#06-1,033777,000752
2013/06New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#02-1,432977,000682
2013/06New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#05-1,023703,500688
2013/05New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#09-1,023781,000764
2013/05New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#17-1,9911,188,000597
2013/05New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#02-1,270875,000689
2013/05New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#12-1,227931,000759
2013/05New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#09-1,281958,000748
2013/05New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#09-1,227867,000707
2013/05New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#09-1,033820,000794
2013/05New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#13-1,281975,000761
2013/05New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#10-1,033767,000742
2013/05New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#01-1,9381,395,000720
2013/05New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#05-1,227885,000721
2013/05New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#13-1,4961,126,000753
2013/05New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#07-1,281932,000728
2013/05New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#01-1,5931,120,100703
2013/05New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#12-1,281951,000742
2013/05New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#07-1,033726,000703
2013/05New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#05-1,281908,000709
2013/04New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#04-1,3891,029,000741
2013/04New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#17-2,2711,381,000608
2013/04New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#02-1,5071,090,000723
2013/04New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#02-1,281905,000707
2013/04New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#04-1,281903,900706
2013/04New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#03-1,3891,018,700734
2013/04New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#11-1,227922,000751
2013/04New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#13-1,5071,134,000753
2013/04New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#12-1,023732,000716
2013/04New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#16-1,227895,000729
2013/04New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#08-1,3891,084,000781
2013/04New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#09-1,227919,000749
2013/04New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#06-1,033780,000755
2013/04New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#05-1,023779,000762
2013/04New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#06-1,3891,036,000746
2013/04New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#09-1,033827,000800
2013/04New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#14-1,281979,000764
2013/04New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,281992,000774
2013/04New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#14-1,281956,000746
2013/04New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#13-1,023764,000747
2013/04New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#10-1,033745,000721
2013/04New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#14-775602,000777
2013/04New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#01-1,5931,049,999659
2013/04New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#11-1,3891,082,600780
2013/03New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#04-1,227861,000702
2013/03New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#10-1,281943,000736
2013/03New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#07-1,227905,000738
2013/03New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#04-1,281899,000702
2013/03New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#11-1,281966,000754
2013/03New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#16-2,4001,511,000629
2013/03New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#06-1,227901,000734
2013/03New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,3891,037,000747
2013/03New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#09-1,3891,064,000766
2013/03New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#13-1,281943,000736
2013/03New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#16-2,2711,521,000670
2013/03New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#07-1,227905,000738
2013/03New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#15-775606,000782
2013/03New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#05-1,227886,000722
2013/03New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#06-775570,000735
2013/03New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#16-2,0021,245,000622
2013/03New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#09-1,281974,400761
2013/03New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#10-1,3891,047,000754
2013/03New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#10-1,281959,000749
2013/03New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#11-1,3891,041,000750
2013/03New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,033816,000790
2013/03New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#10-1,023774,600757
2013/03New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#13-1,3891,059,000763
2013/03New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#04-1,281907,000708
2013/03New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#16-1,033791,000765
2013/02New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#17-775614,000792
2013/02New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#10-1,033760,000735
2013/02New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#03-1,5071,126,900748
2013/02New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#02-1,281899,000702
2013/02New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#03-1,389991,000714
2013/02New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#03-1,3891,039,300748
2013/02New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#01-1,356921,000679
2013/02New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#12-1,227926,000755
2013/02New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#16-2,2711,390,000612
2013/02New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#14-1,033836,400809
2013/02New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#02-1,281928,000724
2013/02New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#14-1,227935,000762
2013/02New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#16-2,4001,483,000618
2013/02New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#16-1,3891,072,300772
2013/02New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#11-1,3891,087,700783
2013/02New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#07-1,4961,102,000737
2013/02New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#01-1,378927,000673
2013/02New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#06-1,3891,043,000751
2013/02New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#06-1,227882,000719
2013/02New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#05-1,4961,118,600748
2013/02New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#05-1,5071,102,000731
2013/02New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,033787,000762
2013/02New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#11-1,227929,100757
2013/02New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#09-1,023741,600725
2013/02New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,227918,000748
2013/02New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,3891,057,000761
2013/02New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#01-1,8191,227,000675
2013/02New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,281951,000742
2013/02New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#14-1,033769,000744
2013/02New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#04-775557,000719
2013/02New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#14-1,281966,000754
2013/02New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#16-1,281983,700768
2013/02New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#07-1,3891,025,000738
2013/02New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#13-1,227910,000742
2013/02New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#17-2,0021,260,000629
2013/02New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#09-1,3891,043,000751
2013/02New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#13-1,3891,064,000766
2013/02New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#14-1,227925,000754
2013/02New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#06-1,227907,000739
2013/02New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#11-1,023728,000712
2013/02New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#17-2,5831,580,000612
2013/02New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#03-1,281912,000712
2013/02New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#02-915635,000694
2013/02New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#08-1,3891,044,000752
2013/02New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#03-1,033739,000715
2013/02New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,227927,000755
2013/02New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#17-2,0021,299,000649
2013/02New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#12-1,033828,200801
2013/02New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#17-2,8421,754,000617
2013/01New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#03-1,023738,000722
2013/01New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#02-1,033743,000719
2013/01New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#09-1,281949,500741
2013/01New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#12-1,4961,122,000750
2013/01New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#14-1,023782,000765
2013/01New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#09-1,227886,000722
2013/01New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#08-1,227926,000755
2013/01New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#07-1,023719,000703
2013/01New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#11-1,3891,021,000735
2013/01New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#12-1,227905,400738
2013/01New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#02-1,227876,000714
2013/01New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#08-1,023709,000693
2013/01New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#08-1,281923,000721
2013/01New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,4961,168,100781
2013/01New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#07-1,033807,600782
2013/01New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#16-1,3891,076,000775
2013/01New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#10-1,281940,000734
2013/01New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#10-1,3891,037,000747
2013/01New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#09-1,033741,000717
2013/01New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#13-1,2811,004,300784
2013/01New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#12-1,3891,060,000763
2013/01New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#05-1,033750,900727
2013/01New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#13-1,033772,000747
2013/01New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#17-2,8421,774,000624
2013/01New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,033773,000748
2013/01New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#11-1,033771,000746
2013/01New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#16-2,5831,601,000620
2013/01New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#04-1,5071,098,000729
2013/01New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#05-1,033747,000723
2013/01New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#08-1,033759,200735
2013/01New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#10-1,033753,000729
2013/01New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#13-1,281952,000743
2013/01New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#17-2,4001,570,800654
2013/01New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#05-1,389997,000718
2013/01New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,227882,100719
2013/01New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#03-1,227870,000709
2013/01New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#06-1,3891,031,000742
2013/01New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#10-1,3891,072,760773
2013/01New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#07-1,5071,110,000737
2013/01New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#14-1,033783,000758
2013/01New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#06-1,227855,000697
2013/01New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#08-1,033788,000763
2013/01New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#13-1,227963,100785
2013/01New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#10-1,033796,000770
2013/01New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#08-1,033759,000735
2013/01New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#04-1,281864,000675
2013/01New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#06-1,033729,000705
2013/01New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#01-1,378918,000666
2013/01New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#01-1,378890,000646
2013/01New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#01-1,9271,310,200680
2013/01New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#01-1,8191,215,000668
2013/01New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#14-1,281947,000739
2013/01New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#13-1,227893,000728
2013/01New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#10-1,4961,114,000745
2013/01New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#02-1,227902,000735
2013/01New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#03-1,033769,500745
2013/01New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#08-1,4961,139,200761
2013/01New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#12-1,227933,200760
2013/01New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#11-1,033787,000762
2013/01New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#10-1,227898,000732
2013/01New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#14-1,023768,000751
2013/01New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#09-1,3891,048,000755
2013/01New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#08-1,023758,000741
2013/01New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#04-1,033743,000719
2013/01New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#03-1,023733,000717
2013/01New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#04-1,3891,005,000724
2013/01New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#02-1,033706,000683
2013/01New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#07-1,227886,000722
2013/01New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#06-1,023694,000679
2013/01New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#05-1,281939,400733
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,5071,142,000758
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#13-1,3891,049,000755
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#05-1,033739,600716
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#13-1,023758,100741
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,023772,000755
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#14-1,281979,000764
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#12-1,033768,000743
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#02-1,4961,098,000734
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#14-1,033799,300774
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#14-1,4961,163,900778
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#01-1,5821,060,900670
2012/12New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#05-1,227904,400737
2012/12New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#12-1,281967,200755
2012/12New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#03-1,281903,000705
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#04-1,023715,000699
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#05-775561,000724
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#16-1,023790,000773
2012/12New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#13-1,227902,000735
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#11-1,023778,700762
2012/12New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#14-1,227967,200788
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#04-1,4961,074,000718
2012/12New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#16-1,227947,000772
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#17-2,4001,544,000643
2012/12New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#05-1,033718,000695
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#06-1,023767,000750
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#10-1,281950,000742
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#07-1,281951,000742
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#03-1,281905,000707
2012/12New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#02-1,389996,000717
2012/12New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#08-1,227882,000719
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#01-1,8191,239,100681
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#02-1,3891,003,000722
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#06-1,281934,000729
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#14-1,3891,068,000769
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#12-1,3891,086,700783
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#02-1,227849,000692
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#14-1,023740,000724
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#02-1,033757,100733
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#12-775594,000766
2012/12New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#08-1,281943,000736
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#06-1,281947,000739
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#12-1,023797,300780
2012/12New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#13-1,033832,300805
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#06-1,023750,000733
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,281999,100780
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#13-1,033779,000754
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#05-1,3891,028,000740
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#14-1,227897,000731
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,033788,000763
2012/12New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#06-1,281915,000714
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#05-1,281920,000718
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#02-1,3891,017,000732
2012/12New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#07-1,227911,000742
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#03-1,389995,000717
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#08-1,5071,114,000739
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#03-1,033731,300708
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#03-775553,000714
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#07-1,033733,000709
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,281960,000749
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#14-1,033761,000736
2012/12New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#01-1,5821,045,000660
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#11-1,023793,100776
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#03-1,227868,300708
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#02-1,023756,100739
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#12-1,281971,000758
2012/12New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#03-1,227870,000709
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#02-1,033706,000683
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#12-1,281958,000748
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#08-1,033737,000713
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#05-1,023731,000715
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#04-1,033714,000691
2012/12New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#09-1,227894,000729
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#11-1,4961,118,000747
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#04-1,281934,100729
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#10-1,227871,000710
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#01-1,8191,237,100680
2012/12New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#11-1,033757,000733
2012/12New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#06-1,033743,700720
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#11-775590,000761
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,023766,400749
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#05-1,281926,000723
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#16-775610,000787
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#09-1,281936,000731
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#03-1,281936,300731
2012/12New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#13-1,033765,000740
2012/12New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#07-1,281919,000717
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#16-1,023776,000759
2012/12New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#01-1,5821,044,000660
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#02-1,281935,300730
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#16-1,2811,016,700794
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#07-1,281928,000724
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#09-1,5071,118,000742
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#17-2,5831,620,000627
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#13-1,033779,800755
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#07-1,281938,000732
2012/12New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#12-1,033761,000736
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#11-1,227875,000713
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#10-1,281963,000752
2012/12New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#05-1,033762,000737
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#16-1,4961,172,200783
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#09-775582,000751
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#06-1,5071,106,000734
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#01-1,5931,060,000665
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#17-1,023817,900800
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#10-775586,000756
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#10-1,023745,800729
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#04-1,3891,013,000730
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#12-1,023760,000743
2012/12New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#09-1,033749,000725
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#09-1,033756,000732
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#16-1,033769,000744
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#11-1,281982,700767
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#08-1,3891,059,900763
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#16-1,2811,003,300783
2012/12New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#10-1,3891,017,000732
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#02-1,389987,000711
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#07-1,3891,040,000749
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#04-1,227857,000698
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#12-1,281948,000740
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#13-1,281990,900774
2012/12New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#07-1,3891,005,000724
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#13-775616,000795
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#16-1,5071,146,000760
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,023786,000769
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#08-1,281955,000746
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#06-1,4961,131,000756
2012/12New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#03-1,033710,000687
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#04-1,023742,000726
2012/12New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#05-1,281938,400733
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#04-1,3891,025,000738
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#07-1,033748,000724
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#12-1,5071,130,000750
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#11-1,033749,000725
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#06-1,3891,021,000735
2012/12New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#11-1,033800,000774
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#09-1,4961,110,000742
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#11-1,281972,400759
2012/12New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,227943,000768
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#07-775591,300763
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#04-1,023679,000664
2012/12New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#11-1,227927,000755
2012/12New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#12-1,033775,000750
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#07-1,3891,035,000745
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#08-1,023766,400749
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#05-1,3891,047,600754
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#17-1,033773,000748
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#08-1,281932,000728
2012/12New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#03-1,4961,070,000715
2012/12New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#08-1,281942,000735
2012/12New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#07-1,023771,000754
2012/11New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,3891,072,000772
2012/11New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#01-1,5931,050,000659
2012/11New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,033803,400777
2012/11New Sale53 Upper Serangoon View#10-1,5071,155,700767
2012/11New Sale57 Upper Serangoon View#14-1,3891,053,000758
2012/11New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#11-1,281967,000755
2012/11New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#09-1,3891,013,000730
2012/11New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#15-1,281983,000767
2012/11New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#13-1,3891,029,000741
2012/11New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#08-1,227916,700747
2012/11New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#07-1,033755,000731
2012/11New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#12-1,3891,025,000738
2012/11New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#04-1,033773,600749
2012/11New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#13-1,023801,400784
2012/11New Sale61 Upper Serangoon View#17-1,281959,000749
2012/11New Sale51 Upper Serangoon View#08-1,227888,900724
2012/11New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#04-1,033714,000691
2012/11New Sale63 Upper Serangoon View#10-1,023766,000749
2012/10New Sale55 Upper Serangoon View#16-1,033777,000752

Updated as of October 6, 2020

Heron Bay EC Units For Rent

Regular Updates On The Price Guide For EC Units For Rent And Past Rental Transactions

The following are the summary of Heron Bay EC units for rent and past rental transactions. We will update it regularly, for your easy reference and monitoring!

For tenants (individuals or corporates) who are looking for an ideal place to rent, we will bring you around and show you different executive condo options. For homeowners, are you thinking of renting out your existing Heron Bay EC and earning some decent income every month? Let us bring you the right tenants. We will go through with you every part of the home renting process.

# of BRPrice S$SQFT$ PSFDate 

Updated as of 06/04/2021

EC Tenants:
We will show you the LATEST Updates of the units for rent (with the actual unit size and asking price of each listing). We can also arrange a physical viewing for you.

EC Landlords:
We focus on marketing all the executive condos in Singapore. Therefore, please give us a chance and engage our services. We will be able to market your house for MAXIMUM Exposure. We will bring you the right tenants that meet your requirements.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 9004 6396 now for the quickest reply.

Lease StartUnit Size (sqft)BedroomsMthly Rent (S$)Mthly Rent
(S$ psf)
2020/071,300 to 1,400418001.3
2020/061,300 to 1,400415001.1
2020/061,000 to 1,100311801.1
2020/041,200 to 1,300316001.3
2020/031,500 to 1,600516501.1
2020/011,500 to 1,600517501.1
2019/111,200 to 1,300314501.2
2019/071,200 to 1,300313001
2019/061,000 to 1,100311801.1
2019/051,300 to 1,400414001
2019/042,500 to 2,600415000.6
2019/031,200 to 1,300315001.2
2019/031,200 to 1,300315001.2
2018/121,300 to 1,400415001.1
2018/071,200 to 1,300320001.6
2018/071,200 to 1,300313001
2018/031,200 to 1,300315001.2
2018/011,300 to 1,400415001.1
2017/121,300 to 1,400414501.1
2017/081,000 to 1,100324002.3
2017/081,300 to 1,400414001
2017/041,300 to 1,400413501
2017/021,200 to 1,300316001.3
2017/011,300 to 1,400415001.1
2016/122,400 to 2,500434001.4
2016/091,200 to 1,300315501.2
2016/091,800 to 1,900425001.4
2016/082,500 to 2,600416000.6
2016/061,500 to 1,600526001.7
2016/061,000 to 1,100324002.3
2016/061,300 to 1,400415001.1
2016/051,800 to 1,900416000.9
2016/041,300 to 1,400416001.2
2016/041,300 to 1,400416001.2
2016/041,000 to 1,100324002.3
2016/011,300 to 1,400416001.2

Updated as of October 6, 2020

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Nearby Executive Condominiums

Following are some of the nearby ECs that might interest you

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Hundred Palms Residences TOP EC Yio Chu Kang Road 18 Dec 2019 Serangoon North (U/C, 2029)
Heron Bay Resale EC (6th-10th Yr) Upper Serangoon View 7 Oct 2015 Nil
The Florida Resale EC (11th Yr Onwards) Hougang Avenue 7 30 May 2000 Hougang