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Executive Condominium is designed to hold a clear pricing edge (about 20-30%) over comparable private condominiums with a full suite of condominium facilities.

Units are SELLING FAST! The most VALUE-FOR-MONEY and LOW-ENTRY PRICE private property for upgraders & first-timers in town.

Explore The Possibility To Upgrade Your House COMFORTABLY !


New Launch ECs are executive condominiums already launched with showroom available for the public to visit, physically see, touch and feel the layout, the furnishing, the environment and more.

These developments are still under construction with two payment options – Normal Progressive or Deferred Payment Scheme.

Eligible EC buyers can choose from the available units of the development and enjoy the ultimate right entry price (around the same $psf or entry price range, for all the buyers of the same project)!

If you are considering of buying a New Launch EC with the highest upside potential, you may want to monitor the list closely here.

Executive Condominium Singapore - New Launch EC


Resale ECs are executive condominiums already obtained the key. Also, the owners of the EC have already met the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) of 5 years upon Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP).

From 6th to 10th year, the owners of the EC can sell their house in the open market to Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Residents. From 11th year onwards, the owners of the EC can sell to foreigners and corporate bodies.

Are you considering buying a Resale EC anytime from now or buying a Resale EC which is more spacious in terms of size? You may want to refer to the list here.

Executive Condominium Singapore - Resale EC


TOP ECs are Executive Condominiums already obtained the key, but Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) of 5 years upon Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) has not met yet.

EC buyers have to fulfil the 5-year MOP before they can sell their EC in the open market to Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Residents.

If you are considering of buying a Resale Executive Condo which is younger in terms of property age, you may want to monitor the list closely here.

Executive Condominium Singapore - TOP EC


Singapore is conveniently accessible to everywhere. If that is the case, is EC Location everything when it comes to buying an Executive Condo in Singapore?

Most of the Executive Condos are strategically located at somewhere yet to be fully developed. Therefore, it comes with full of INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES and UPSIDE POTENTIAL!

Executive Condominium Singapore - Singapore Region Map


It is crucial to engage the right person to help you invest your money in the right place at the right time. You might be looking at new launches or resale executive condos. Whatever your preferences are, we will first understand what you want and bring you all at your choice.

Our focus will always be taking care of every little detail along the way, ensuring your benefits are in our top priority!





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We Believe That The Purpose of Everything We Do Should Be This – To Improve Our Services To Our Clients. Your Benefits Are Always Our Top Priority!

We aim to help you make money through your property investment – Build Your Wealth Through Real Estate Investing!

We will first understand your desires and needs. Depending on your financial situation, your customised property investment plan can be put into action immediately.

The entire process for selling or buying property can be very complicated. As a responsible real estate salesperson, we not only help you to handle the complicated paperwork, we go through step-by-step on your financing and housing planning. We help you in the negotiation part, which can be very challenging, and it is always better to be handled by a middleman like us!

Are you looking for a new launch or resale executive condo to buy in Singapore?

  • You may get confused and don’t know which is the best option for you, among all the executive condo (EC) options in the market. Should you go for the new launch EC or EC in the resale market?
  • You may doubt your mortgage affordability. What kind of properties can you buy based on your household income?

Let us handle all these for you.

  • We will work out a financial plan for you, bring you around and show you different executive condo options.
  • We will recommend an experienced banker to assist you on your home loan needs, and more.
  • We will also generate a detailed and all-around Home Report for you Free – for any of your preferred choice of property.

Are you thinking of selling your existing executive condo and upgrading for a better home for your loved ones?

  • You should consider carefully and plan for your next housing before selling your house.
    • How to plan for the perfect timeline?
    • What happens if you have secured an ideal next-home-to-be, but you can’t fetch a reasonable selling price for your existing house?
  • You may be thinking of “how good if I can keep the existing house, rent it out to earn a second source of income.”
    • With all the cooling measures in place, is this just a dream? Is it achievable?

Let us handle all these for you.

  • We will work out a financial plan for you, go through with you every part of the home-selling process.
    • Market your house for maximum exposure.
    • Help you navigate the negotiation.
    • Advise you on your next home, and more.
  • We will generate a detailed and all-around Home Report for you Free. It is an essential market tool to help you transact your property at the right price, right time.

We aim to help you sell your existing Executive Condo (EC) faster and smoothly, for more money, with less risk.

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  • Explore the possibility to Upgrade Your House Comfortably WITHOUT FORKING OUT EXTRA CASH from your pocket

  • The MUST-HAVE CALCULATIONS and DATA to recognize your Current Financial Standing for you to plan ahead

  • Tips to accumulate your wealth through a SIMPLE YET EFFECTIVE CPF USAGE PLAN

  • How to create and execute a PROPERTY SAVINGS PLAN

  • A far-sighted “ROADMAP” that will allow you to RETIRE COMFORTABLY

  • How you can qualify for special DIRECT DEVELOPER PRICING, especially during the official launch and show flat preview

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